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Kenja no Ishi

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Episode 32 [May. 22nd, 2004|03:24 pm]
Kenja no Ishi
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So it's true that the child is Wrath, therefore I suppose the anime is deviating from the manga, since maiki tells me that Wrath is not the child in the manga but someone else.

Another scene that catches my interest in episode 32 is when that old man tells Scar that he has told his brother the "old memory of the people of Ishbar." Can anyone speculate on what have happened in Ishbar's past? I'm really interested to find out since it looks like it ties in with alchemy and how it fell as taboo among the Ishbarites. The old man also states that "they" are still alive inside Scar's arm? I'm not exactly sure who "they" are, is it the memories of the Ishbarites or the lives of the people Scar has killed? I find the conversation a bit cryptic so I have no idea how to interpret it. Who can enlighten me on this? =)

Also, what do you think is the relationship between Dante and Greed? He says he came to the house to see a "familiar face," so I suppose that he's referring to Dante? Hisso thinks she's the one who created him while I don't know what to think because of the myriads of possibilities. Shoot, Dante can even be Greed's lover once upon a time if Greed is created centuries ago.

Ah, I'm sorry if I wasted entry space but the community is suffering from a lack of activity since everyone's busy with finals and such (I'm guessing here). So I figure I should post something, even though now I think it's a bad idea.

_hissori: I know you're busy with finals but after it's over, post something dammit! >_< You're a mod, why haven't you posted anything??

[User Picture]From: _hissori
2004-05-22 11:53 pm (UTC)
^^;; I really can't think of anything to post! I don't know, I just thought maybe Dante was Greed's creator because she was a familiar face, and she was Izumi's teacher, and Izumi attempted human transmutation, and then Ed and Al did... So I thought, if Ed and Al's teacher attempted transmutation, and they did too, maybe Izumi's teacher could've too? But then, Greed is over 100 years old, right? I kind of doubt that Dante is THAT old. I don't know, maybe I'm just on crack or something, so ignore me. XD;;

And I was wondering about the people living on in Scar's arm too, but I have no theories on that. But I want to know more about the Ishbarites history, too!
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