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Kenja no Ishi

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Full Metal Alchemist [Jan. 27th, 2005|10:08 pm]
Kenja no Ishi


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Well I just finished FMA today -cries- and... just a lot of things been floating around. -hugs limewire for downloading it in a day-

Well, where should I begin?

When I got into the 20's things seemed to be going on very fast. Huges' death, Al's depression and the whole Labritory incident. I was feeling kinda sad they didn't get in many 'fun' episodes to show the lighter side of them. It didn't seem they really had that much to get int. Izumi-san's episodes took up most of the episodes really.
What really got me is when Winry was told she was the only one to see their weak side and she should feel lucky.
When I found out that Roy killed her parents that... ugh, and he didn't even appologize.
I got confused when Lust said "now there is 7 of us" when she found Wrath. I had no idea who pride was and I have to admit when I found out it was him I choaked on my pizza. This whole time I thought Envy was the bad him, but were they really working as two? I didn't want to believe it, and I suppose I didn't till I saw his son...
Hoenhiem... what can I say about him? He mad me mad and yet... It's kinda sad he'll end up dieing.
It anoyed me that a lot of peole kept returning after their first episode appearence. >_<!
Can someone clear something up for me? Was Rose really raped by the military, is that how she got pregnant or did they not say?
>_< some parts were very graphic making me want to lose my cookies over and over.

I know the movie continues from where the series ended, and the manga is completely different.
Will Ed make it back to his world? Will Al ever remember or is that it for him?

Why is it our world can't do alchemy? Did we give it up for machienes, if we're the same except the alchemy difference why is it we can't do it? The knowledge wasn't passed on but the concepts should be the same. If you know it, you should be able to do it unless the world's components are different?

All in all. I loved it.

[User Picture]From: dravenbellatrix
2005-01-28 04:30 am (UTC)
So wish I had something other than dial up, I would DL the whole series in a second, or however long it took. But for now, I have to watch them on adult swim, so my saturdays are great. I already knew most of these spoilers since I am wierd and like to know what is going to happen before it does. Sorry I couldnt be of any help, all I knew wasa that there were 7 of those half human, or whatever they are, and that lust was sorta of their leader, wanting the stone to become full human.
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