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Philosopher's Stone

A Fullmetal Alchemist plot-related discussion community

Kenja no Ishi
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This is a closed community. As long as you’ve read and agreed to follow all of the following rules, then request to join, and you shall be added. The rules may be long and many, but we consider them an important part in keeping the community smooth and as flameless as possible, so please read and adhere to them!

1. This community is for discussions and questions regarding plot and the characters of the anime and manga series Fullmetal Alchemist.
2. No fanworks please. While we’re sure you have worked hard on your fan item and are eager to show other people, this is not the place. There are plenty of communities out there on Hagane where you can display and show other people your work. This includes fanart, fanfiction, and icons.
3. Going along with the theme of the first two rules, no pairings discussion. No posting of “omg, Ed/Winry is the kewl!!” There are other communities for such talk. This is not the appropriate one. Remember, this is a community for the discussion of the plot and characters, not the characters’ potential love interests.
4. Stay on topic, and no spam. While one discussion can be tangent to another, do not randomly comment in a discussion about Ed’s automail with, “Roy has hair, yay!”
5. Please include a warning and an accompanying LJ-cut with posts that may have spoilers. Everyone watches/reads the series at a different pace, so do not assume that by merely writing ‘spoiler’ in the subject, everyone who wants to avoid the spoiler can. Spoilers can refer to spoilers in episode 5 or it could refer to the latest episode.
6. Be respectful and tolerant. Not everyone has the same opinions as you. In fact, we encourage the discussion of different ideas and arguments, as long as they are done in a considerate manner. Be openminded.
7. No intro posts necessary! In fact, please don’t post them. Intro posts do not have much to do with the plot of Hagane. Just jump right into the discussions!
8. No flaming. No threatening or harassing of any of the members or anything. There’s really no reason for all this negative talk, right, right? ^__^
9. dO noT writ like dis pweaze. Oh, no one’s perfect, and no one’s demanding perfect grammar. We realize that not everyone’s first language will be English. Just make the posts and comments semi-coherent and written in attempted proper English.
10. Have fun! Duh. That’s what we’re here for. Discussion on our adoring series. Love and peace~!

In order to ensure the following of the rules, membership to this community must be approved by the moderators. By requesting membership (which includes posting and commenting access), you have agreed to abide by and adhere to all the rules. The rules are there not so that we can exercise our dictatorship over you, but to ensure that this community can be an enjoyable place for everyone.

If you have any questions or something offends you, don't start a flame war; tell one of your mods, busyizzy and _hissori. We don’t bite, we swear. ^___^ However, mods reserve the right to delete posts that do not follow the rules without warning. As a last resort, we will kick people out if they cause too much trouble. But it won’t ever come to that, right?